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The Presidential flagbearer of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for the 2023 general elections, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has given reasons the prevailing security situation in Nigeria has lingered for so long unabated.
Adebayo, who spoke yesterday in Abuja, alleged that a caucus inside the government profits financially from the menace and as such, they allow it to spread and linger so as to sustain their flow of income from it.
“There is a caucus inside the federal government that believes that insecurity is an opportunity to spend money and that if it expands, they will spend more money and collect allowances. He warned that by so doing, they are contributing more to the situation”, he stated.
Adebayo promised to deal with all manners of insecurity, demand for restructuring and all other forms of agitations if voted into office.
Noting that although there are pockets of insecurity around the world, he, however, described that of Nigeria as annoying, embarrassing and very dangerous if not addressed.
“According to him, the difference between Nigeria and other nations was the inability of the Nigerian government to take drastic measures against offenders to serve as a deterrent.
Speaking on what he has to offer Nigerians if elected into office, Adebayo stated that his purpose in politics is to do fewer politics and a lot of development. He regretted that Nigeria has drifted grossly as a result of the wrong people being voted into political offices. He, therefore, promised to identify with the people and use available resources to work for the growth and development of the country.
He noted that Nigerians are warm people blessed with favourable weather conditions but lacked good leadership.
“Many people do not know the purpose of government not because they are bad but because they were not trained in that direction. That is the reason the citizens have not enjoyed good governance. Government is about rendering common services and how to achieve collective goals. So, we want to change the conversation”, Adebayo stated.
“If conversation changes, the mindset will change and if we change the mindset of the people, the mindset of the politicians will change. The problem that I see in our politics is that the media, the critics and everyone are trying to change the mind of the politicians but politicians don’t change their minds because they try to follow and influence the minds of the people, and where the minds of the people are, that is where they pretend to be.”
Adebayo promised to focus on the issue-based campaign when the time comes so that people will understand the genuine intention of the party to the people.
“I will stop everything that is done wrongly. A good presidential candidate must declare his assets publicly. I am waiting for time to clear and if nobody comes up with it, I will invite the media to do that openly”, he assured.
On the issue of merger with other parties, Adebayo informed that he can only go into alliance with people and a party that shares similar ideologies with SDP.
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