Why does digital advertising cost the most in Australia? – Anthill online

According to recent data, Australian marketers are spending more on their advertising budgets in order to keep pace with an increasingly hyper connected consumer base. Australia now has the highest digital ad spend per user in the world.
Although Australian marketers are pouring advertising dollars into digital channels at a world-leading pace these ads often fail to engage the consumer who think the ads are irrelevant and annoying. According to recent studies, 81 per cent of Australians now use ad blocking software and as much as one in five will not see any digital ads in a 30-day span. Australia also has the lowest-click through rates for banner ads in the world.
Matt Zajechowski from digital marketing agency Digital Third Coast recently worked with Signal to develop an infographic that provides actionable advice for Australian advertisers on how to better utilize their digital ad spending.
They recommend that to get more value from their digital investments, Australian marketers need better addressable media solutions that will help them be more relevant, target customers more precisely, and improve overall advertising efficiency.
Take a closer look at the trends below:


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