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The Digital Marketing for Sports Professionals contains 10 sessions of 2 hours each, that guide you through the landscape of digital strategies in sport. Next to all live sessions our participants have access to a wide range of online course materials including readings, videos, case studies and self-paced extension information.
The programme has been highly successful in Europe, India and Australia and has been further optimized for the international sports market. With professionals from NSOs, SSOs and sport(s) leagues/organisations like: Sports Australia Hall of Fame, Australian Football League and UEFA this programme represents great value with an average score of 4.8/5.
Hans Westerbeek, Professor of International Sport Business and Co-Director of Sport and Recreation Spatial at Victoria University about the course:
‘’I am excited to announce that Victoria University has again partnered with Sportscloud International, to deliver the second edition of Digital Marketing for Sports Professionals. With this course we want to provide sports organisations the insights and tools to confidently operate in the digital sport marketing environment. Due to Covid-19 the sports world has come under a lot of pressure, so this is the time for sports organisations to be at the forefront of digitalization and improve their digital skills.
A lot of sport organisations are looking for ways to improve their marketing performances in a short period of time. Problem is that most of these programmes take months to complete and doesn’t fit the employee’s schedule. With this programme, we present a unique opportunity to boost their (digital) marketing performances in only 2 months. And they can follow it live or on demand at any time they want. You will never find such a complete digital programme in sport at this price point ($250 AUD). It represents great value and will return the investment many times for your organisation.”
The opening session will be on the 31st of August and more than 150 sports professionals already registered for our second edition. You can join this exciting programme at a fee of $250.
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