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Lotto in Nigeria since its existence has been alleviating and improving the standard of living. It is a game of opportunity for its players. The industry has been so successful in the past couple of years that several innovative companies have shown great tech initiative tip ensure that the playing processes are as smooth as possible. 
Even though the lotto dated back to 1539 with the first lottery practiced by King Francis 1 of France, the Lottery business in Nigeria began in 2001 and the Lottery Act of Nigeria was established in 2005). These five companies have been duly registered under the body that certifies lottery companies in Nigeria, Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC).

1.BABA IJEBU: Baba Ijebu transitioned from a game played only in the kiosk and small centers in 2001 to a game played via mobile phone or computer today has come a long way indeed. Originally known as Premier Lotto, Baba Ijebu was incorporated to carry out Lotto business in Nigeria. Baba Ijebu holds this title due to its long time existence and relevance in today’s Lottery industry
2. WINNERS GOLDEN CHANCE: Founded in February 2015, Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited also known as Golden Chance Lotto is a Lottery business organization set up to engage in Lotto services. With over 11,000 Point of Sale (POS) terminals across South Western Nigeria, Winners Golden chance boasts of the highest lottery network reach in southwest Nigeria.
3. iAUCTIONX: Founded by Mrs Paige Iroegbu, iAuctionX is a lottery auction site that allows the public play lotto online just by registering for free on its platform. With close to zero barrier for participation, individuals have access to up to twenty different auctions or more at a time, with each starting from as low as N50 to place a bid. To play, visit to get started.
4. WESTERN LOTTO: Western Lotto started in 2017 and also offers International games from Europe, the United States and Ghana. Western Lotto can be played offline and online.
5. LOTTO 9ja: Lotto9ja, a sister to Western Lotto began in 2019. Unlike Western Lotto, Lotto9ja is played only online because it targets people who find it hard to play lotto games offline.

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