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Winners at the Chikki-sponsored St. Gregory School sports competition in Lagos
St. Peter (Red House) has emerged winner in St. Gregory’s College 78th Inter-House sports competition.
The sports tourney, which was sponsored by Chikki instant noodles as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, took place at the school premises at Obalende, Ikoyi, Lagos.
The occasion was chaired by Mr. Adebiyi, an ex- student of the college and current President of the St. Gregory’s Old Boys Sports Association.
According to Adebiyi, there is the need to balance academic activities and sports.
He further encouraged the students to be open-minded to gain the benefits of motivation, excellence and team spirit. “It is in the best interest of students to understand the importance of friendship and fair play in any competition.”
St. Peter’s (Red house) by their victory has come tops for the 5th consecutive year. They picked 20 gold, eight silver and 16 bronze medals. St. Francis (Blue house) came second with 12 gold, 11 silver and 12 bronze medals, while St. Augustine (Green house) finished third with nine gold, 15 silver and nine bronze medals. In the 4th position was St. Benedict (yellow house), who got six gold, 13 silver and 10 bronze.
However, St. Augustine was victorious in the March Past event, followed by St. Peter, St. Francis and St. Benedict.
Chikki noodles has consistently supported schools in their annual sports event, and participated actively using its brand Mascot to entertain, inform and connect with children and young people.
The company’s representative said at the event: “Like a true friend of the child, Chikki is always there to support today’s winners and encourage the future winners.”
In his remarks, the administrator of the school, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ayeni, thanked the sponsors, Chikki noodles, parents, visiting schools and students for their time and participation at the event, and encouraged students who were not victorious at this year’s event not to be discouraged as there is always room for improvement.

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