Scam Alert: Beware of Online Money Earning Sites Such As Jobrize By Patrick Fynn –

In recent times we have all been slapped with links on social media inviting us to visit sites that claim will turn our lives around. And here comes one website, claiming to offer money from tasks given by its members. There are others such as,,, referraltask.Com etc. Several people have fallen prey to the scam.
If you are planning to make money on the internet, then you should know that there’s no such free lunch. A genuine online market is where you invest money and work to earn, otherwise you will spend your entire life on there, without earning a dime.
It is not only pathetic but also unfortunate that in a generation of high level technology and wits, ‘smart’ people are easily outsmarted with pettiness. It is tragic how people especially Africans would immaturely believe that they can make money from what they have not invested. How do you reap what you have not sown – to trust that you can earn $300 weekly by merely asking people to visit a website? 
Users of these businesses never get paid. Whoever invited you wasn’t honest to you – it’s chain of deceit. Just like you who intends making a living from sharing referral links, so are there many bad people working around the clock with same negative plot. 
This article will take the pain to expose the realities of such scams to save victims from the delusion.
The core of this form of trick is to drive the attention of a large number of people to a picture, a product or another endgame. To achieve this, the website owner has to drive traffic to a central website and uses you as an agent with money as a bait. You are then required to perform certain activities such as click an ad, wait a number of seconds or play a game
But in the end, these scams will make an ass out of you!
It is essential to mention that, nonetheless there are such genuine deals. It’s however difficult for the layman to gauge whether or not these opportunities are scam. That is why it is necessary to do the necessary background checks before venturing into such chary prospects.
Because the sites are run by desperate people who cannot afford professional web designs, such platforms are made with amateur designs. There are a set of them that have virtually the same outlook.
Even after attaining the required referrals, the users are further asked to participate in a survey – another part of the chain. The survey options include signups, downloads & Install and much more. According to them completing these tasks will unlock the money transfer. Users are told payment has been made into their accounts, but actually nothing happens. 
What do the scammers benefit? Owners, after having had huge sums of traffic later change details of their site and sell them off to advertisers. They also sell user information to companies for money. Beware!
If you pay nothing for a service on the internet, then you are the product being sold over there!
 Patrick Fynn
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