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Nigeria is becoming a powerful player in the world of digital advertising and marketing. With an estimated $115 million budget for digital advertising in 2021, it’s not difficult to see that the country is embracing the shift towards online marketing methods.
Indeed, many digital marketing companies are simply relishing the fact that the world is beginning to wake up to the fact that traditional marketing is becoming a thing of the past, and for companies like “Digital Kings“and its CEO, this is all just part of the plan.
The man in question is Ramneek Sidhu. Under his guidance, the UAE-founded digital marketing company has developed an elite client base of celebrities and people of influence, as well as working closely with powerful businesses to deliver tailored and modern digital marketing campaigns.
With an approach described by the charismatic CEO as “extensive market research and reading the mind of the consumer,” the company has gone from strength to strength, and a large portion of the success is directly attributable to the man himself.
A CEO who came from nothing, he remains committed to a constant process of learning and growing, introducing modern marketing trends into his services, and maintaining an active commitment to the hustle. This dedication has already proven to be a winning one, and the results often speak for themselves.
Perhaps fittingly for a company that deals in the online realm, Ramneek has built up a considerable network of contacts in the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Given that 89% of all businesses have some kind of social media presence, it enables the company to maintain an active social life and potentially drum up new business every day.
Much like the country of Nigeria, Digital Kings recognise the trend that is currently taking place within the world of digital marketing. It is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to embrace a digital advertising campaign as the world becomes increasingly online.
One of the biggest strengths of Nigeria is its willingness to adapt, and people like Ramneek offer the perfect services for this. Unwavering commitment and a focus on self-improvement allow for increasingly dynamic and modern offerings. It’s really astounding to see.
You can tell how much passion goes into what’s done here and countries like Nigeria need that passion. They need unwavering commitment to the cause to really better themselves, and that’s something Sidhu brings in spades.
Nigeria is just one of the latest countries to really hop on board the digital marketing train, and it does show. More and more countries are making the shift towards digital advertising, so for companies such as Digital Kings, the chance to expand and continue to develop is always present.
How powerful Nigeria will become in the world of digital marketing remains to be seen, but with a substantial budget for 2021 and presumably more in 2022, it’s not difficult to see that they are really taking the time to invest in this resource.
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