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Play games to earn money
While the advancement of technology continues to become a huge topic around the world, Africans are taking a bold step in growing in that space and also doing so well when it comes to NFTs.
To alleviate poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large, Gamic is providing ways for people to earn money from the comfort of their homes just by playing NFT games online. Gamic is a product of Artist3, a Blockchain-enabled end-to-end digital ecosystem that deconstructs traditional revenue models by allowing users of the platforms to earn by participating in the ecosystem.
Speaking with the Artist3 CTO Michael Anyi, he said; “We have built a gaming guild focused on giving a diverse catalogue of NFT games to our users to play while also providing them with an alternative source of income.”
The platform is simple and accessible with structured tutorials for beginners. It can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone, the internet and from one’s comfort, money can be made by playing games.
According to Ukeme Okuku Co-founder and CEO of Artist3; “Africa has an untapped market for Blockchain and NFT gaming for everyone. The current setup for gaming in Africa does not favour gamers in the aspect of revenue generation. Over 533 million use the internet in Africa, and with the explosion of the smartphone market,
gamers and these internet users will move from the pay-to-play to the play-to-earn space, Our goal is to be the gateway to play2earn for the African continent and also get 150,000 people earning with us in 3 months.”
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