Campari Group launches a new, fresher and smoother SKYY Vodka

NOW MADE WITH 5-TIMES DISTILLED IMPORTED GRAINS FOR A SMOOTHER AND LIGHTER SPIRIT, SKYY® VODKA UNVEILS A NATURAL-FORWARD EXPRESSION IN TASTE AND DESIGN   REDEFINING VODKA SINCE 1992 Since its launch in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY® redefined vodka as the world knew it, helping to pioneer a state-of-the-art production process yielding a superior and smooth-tasting … Read more

Old Man’s back in biz

Old Man’s in Batubolong, Canggu opened again last week with little fanfare. Being one of the first venues to really pop in the Canggu area, it was sorely missed by its legion of fans since closing last year and speculation grew, as the place was demolished earlier this year, whether it would ever open again. … Read more

This weekend in Bali Events

It’s a big weekend coming up in Bali even with the airlines trying to stop the party with their ridiculous prices for tickets. But if you are here, or on the way, you may be asking yourself, what the hell is going on? Right, good question. I just checked and it’s like this. Well, the … Read more

Bali is Well and Truly Back This Weekend

This weekend is probably the biggest weekend in events since the Sunday night before Covid stopped everyone in their tracks. I do recall that Sunday night (March 15, 2020) going out big time for the heck of it, with no particular reason, just going out. It must have been an unconscious connection with impending doom. … Read more