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Radwa El Shirbini at the Sharjah International Book Fair.
Radwa El Shirbini, the well-known award winning Egyptian anchor, for most watched woman TV show in Egypt and Arab world Heya We Bas (Only for Her), met with her audiences at Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF,) for the first time, through a live session titled “The role of father in daughter’s life”.
El Shirbini is known for supporting women through her show and social media by receiving their family problems, giving advice and enlightening them about their rights. Since she started her show she was open to share her personal experience on challenges she met as a divorced woman with two daughters.
RECOMMENDED BOOK: Radwa El Shirbini said that, before, she did not have a passion for reading till she started her show Heya We Bas (Only for Her), “with huge amount of questions we are receiving and people taking my opinion, so I thought I have to have a wide knowledge, vision and positive thinking that comes from reading. So, for 4 years, I’ve been reading in all fields related to women, and what women want or need.
“But there’s a certain book I read, that changed a lot in my personality, introduced me to many things I did not know before, that book is (The Power of Now). I see every present moment is very important because it will never be repeated whether good or bad. Now is not going to be repeated again, never, either I enjoy it or will be forever unhappy.”
“The idea of waiting and patience that we should adopt. So I see this book is very important and highly recommended,” she added.
ROLE OF FATHER: For Radwa El Shirbini, the way her dad raised her has positively formed her personality,  “My dad was a great father, since a young age he has given me freedom to do whatever I want, as long as within what The Lord instructed in our religion, so I must be very careful because God sees me all the time.
“Like any home my Mom and Dad used to have disputes, but they made sure that I never see them fighting, it’s always inside their room, they had mutual respect. In my show, I talk about problems I receive from women.”
Radwa El Shirbini sees that the father is the most important man in a woman’s life, “the good father is the one who gives his daughter enough love, compassion, and support that tell her I am behind you and you are OK and I am proud of you.”
“If every father does that, I don’t think any girl will be emotionally exploited by other men in future, because she will feel enough and will be confident. I see the role of a father is very important in raising a confident girl,” she added
ADVOCATE FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS: When Radwa El Shirbini was asked why some men accused her show of pushing women against their spouses, she confirmed that she was not inciting women against husbands or on divorce.
“Any relationship is two ways, giving and taking, the problem happens when one partner is only taking not giving,” she added.
The selection of Al Eid is in recognition of her work in the literary world for more than four decades. Throughout her career, she conducted many studies and research in literary criticism, comparative criticism, literary documentation and historical approaches, among other subjects.
Elisabetta has said that her work resonates so well with children because of her central message of love and respect for each other and the planet.
Pulse 95 Radio, part of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority will do 22 hours live and another 40 hours of recorded interviews and features from the third largest book fair in the world, which is on from 30th October until 9th November at the Sharjah Expo Center.
Sheikh Sultan honoured Dar Al Khaleej, Press, Printing and Publishing House as the Sharjah International Book Fair media partner.
As part of the agreement, Lulu Group will procure 15,000 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables from Elite Agro over the next year, which will be promoted and sold through all Lulu Hypermarkets in the UAE.
Dr Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Chairman of the Muslim Council of Elders, asked Allah Almighty to continue blessing the United Arab Emirates with peace, security, and prosperity.
Coinciding with the UAE’s 51st National Day, Fujairah Airport celebrated the obtaining of an operating licence for a new runway from the General Civil Aviation Authority, after fulfilling all international and local requirements and standards required for the runway’s operation.
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed said, “December the 2nd holds a special place in the story of the UAE, when our nation’s founding fathers joined together to establish the Union. As we celebrate our 51st UAE National Day, we pledge to continue our country’s progress and to keep striving to fulfill our shared ambitions.”


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