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A new report offers fresh data about PPC jobs and salaries, revealing what professionals are earning around the world.
A worldwide survey of paid search professionals provides a clear picture of what they’re earning across various sectors and locations.
Duane Brown, CEO and Head of Strategy at Toronto-based ad agency Take Some Risk Inc. has released his seventh annual PPC Salary Survey.
Using responses submitted by 715 digital marketing professionals worldwide, its goal is to provide salary transparency to ensure all PPC professionals are fairly compensated.
Using data collected in February 2022, this report includes information from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S., India, the U.K., the Netherlands and other European countries.
This 111-slide report includes an includes a significant amount of data, including salary breakdowns by region, employer type, experience and gender. Some key insights include:
For a better understanding of the figures in this report, we have compared estimates and averages from a variety of sources:
Paid Search Analyst, entry level – Toronto, Ontario
 PPC Specialist, 3 years’ experience – New York, NY
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, 5 years’ experience – London, UK
Paid Search Specialist, 8 years’ experience – Berlin, Germany
As you can see, Brown’s numbers are broadly in line with what other sites are finding.
However, he is careful to note that some professionals may have only been in paid search for a portion of longer careers, so their salaries may skew higher. An employee just starting his or her career will not have the earnings power of someone who has been in the workforce longer and has transitioned to a paid search role.
Additionally, as these statistics were compiled by self-respondent subjects, numbers from may not be as accurate as those from governmental sources.
Read the full report at[11]
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