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As of Monday, April 4, 2016
Tribune Staff Reporter
ISLAND Luck launched its three-ball lottery on Friday, attracting hundreds to its South West Plaza event, most of whom hoped to win prizes that ranged from trips to Las Vegas to 40 inch TVs.
The Quick Draw game is the first live three-ball lottery in the Bahamas and prizes for winning will be equivalent to those currently offered by Island Luck.
Dirk Simmons, Chief Financial Officer of the gaming house, told The Tribune that there will be 32 draws per day, every half hour between 8am and midnight. “It’s similar to the public foreign three ball lotteries.” he said.
“ Persons will have a choice to choose a Bahamian private three-ball lottery exclusively.”
People flocked to the area for a chance of the free prizes, some winning trips abroad after being randomly chosen and others by impressing their fellow attendees during dance contests.
Such promotional events have become common for Island Luck, showcasing the web shop’s popularity among Bahamians as well as its financial viability.
The only Lottery that should be in existence is a National Lottery whose proceeds go exclusively to the funding of public healthcare in The Bahamas.

It is so sad to see the once proud Bahamian be reduced to a beggar (numbers junkie) …….. what ever happened to pride in one’s own labour????????? Spinning is not labour

Child, leave ‘um. They will soon see just where spinning gets you. The man gat a whole tv station off these fools and most don’t even have $1,000 in the bank.

It is past sad it’s pathetic! But yet the majority of Bahamians won’t show up to march against the dump fires, crime, child abuse, govt. victimization, etc.

These recent criminals are making a mockery of us. They are taking 100’s of millions from the Bahamian people and giving back maybe 10% in winnings and ‘gifts’ and many of us fools are literally worshiping them for this. ARE WE INSANE??? I know we are being poisoned from the air we breathe and the water we bathe in and drink, but this mental issue we Bahamian’s have must be coming from a different source. Perhaps from the education system????
It won’t be long until this country is friggin’ condemned!!!

Once they have decimated they poor community’s in this country they will finally realize the worst thing the PLP ever did was pay back the numbers boys by legalizing the racket. Poor people are the ones that are being targeted and they are the one’s that pray to hit the jackpot. Once again a classic example of the PLP looking out for the “poor black man”. Numbers stink just as bad as the dump and are just as bad for the health of your pocketbook as the dump smoke is to your health.

@mangogirl01- Speaking of the dump fire, I hope that everyone comes out to support this demonstration. It is a very important move. The people must begin to show who the true owners of this country are. I will be there in my black on black with ma surgical mask!

Speaking of dump fires: maybe they should have a bet going to say when the next one will start and double winnings to the persons who will guess how long it will burn before they put it out…then you will get the interest you need for the demonstration.

Hmm…Unfortunately you are correct! Sad country we live in

The numbers boys are linked to this present PLP government as the Cuban Mafia was to the UBP and the Colombian Cartel bosses were to the Pingdomites …….. that is no compliment

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