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This year, digital will account for 36.7% of total media ad spending in Germany, or €7.28 billion ($8.59 billion). Nearly three-quarters of those digital ad dollars will go to Google and Facebook.
How much will advertisers in Germany spend on digital advertising in 2019?
What formats are driving digital ad spending growth in Germany?
Video formats and social media ad spending—much of it on Facebook—are the fastest-growing areas. More generally, mobile continues in the ascendancy, claiming an ever-greater share of all investments by brands and advertisers.
What role will the duopoly play in 2019?
Google and Facebook dominate Germany’s digital advertising landscape and together will attract 74.5% of spending on digital ad formats in 2019. Google remains the main default for search spending, while Facebook’s audience is far larger than that of any other social network.
What emerging formats should marketers be aware of in 2019?
Digital audio advertising, though nascent, is growing rapidly in the wake of more widespread digital consumption of radio, podcasts and other music content.
eMarketer has put together a detailed report featuring its latest forecasts for ad spending in Germany, including breakouts by media and company. It also examines the main forces shaping Germany’s ad market in 2019.
This report explores ad spending in Germany, highlighting critical trends and influences for the following areas:
In full, this report contains: 
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