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TOM Hardy has turned in a surprise performance – winning a martial arts tournament in Milton Keynes.
Cert: 18, 1hr 57mins
Hold The Girl
Nottingham Playhouse
THE West End’s Duke of York’s Theatre won’t know what’s hit it. Usually home to middle-class chin-strokers, it’s now in the hands of a whooping, arm-waving, singalong crowd.
Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
‘Acid Raine’ Spencer made three aristocratic unions — one of them to Diana’s father. Now a new book says that long before she was stereotyped as a wicked stepmother, she was erudite and vivacious with a steely head for business
Paterson Joseph, actor and author
‘WE DIDN’T know what had happened to us. The only thing we could think was that the world was coming to an end.’ With these words, Canadian Jack Ford, an RAF Flight Engineer, remembered his experience in the Japanese city of Nagasaki.
Out now in paperback
‘I HATED the ’80s, except for the sex and drugs,’ said Iggy Pop of the decade beautifully captured in Lynn Goldsmith’s new book.
INSPIRED by Stephen King’s classic horror story Misery, this translates the action from a snowy North America to the wilds of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and replaces romantic novelist Paul Sheldon with Royal Marine Connor, who has recently separated from his wife.
BOYD’S new novel revisits the ‘whole life’ formula of his 2002 hit Any Human Heart, which followed its hero across the 20th century.
THE cool, crisp narrator of these 12 bleak tales casts a world-weary eye over brutal crimes, neighbourly conflicts and unexpected comeuppances.
PRIZE-WINNING author Christopher Priest makes the normal seem strange, the strange seem normal.
The winter Olympian shares her cultural hits
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