9 popular investment apps in Nigeria that make your money work for you – Pulse Nigeria

Investment apps are growing in Nigeria and millennials are embracing them, moving away from the traditional savings model or securities firms to financial technology-backed platforms. The aim of these applications is to offer a hassle-free investment experience, as shown on Learnbonds. The mobile investment apps allow individuals – experts and beginners- to save money with … Read more

Chiefs Awarded International Marketing Rights for Germany and Mexico as Part of NFL's Global Growth – chiefs.com

The National Football League announced today that the Chiefs have been awarded International Home Marketing Area (IHMA) rights for Germany and Mexico as part of the global growth of professional football.“We are thrilled with the league’s announcement today that the Chiefs have secured the international marketing rights to both Germany and Mexico,” Chiefs Chairman and … Read more

How Much Would YouTube Pay African Creators For a Video With 1 Million+ Views? – WeeTracker

Thank you for signing up for our free newsletter. By entering your email id you agree to receive our free newsletter and other promotional communication. With around 2 billion monthly users worldwide, YouTube is actually the world’s second-most-popular social network. The only social network that has more monthly active users than YouTube is Facebook.Across the … Read more