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You don’t have to worry about disappointments anymore and anytime you need money urgently, just do the right thing by applying for a loan with any of these loan apps in Nigeria.
Applying for a loan in Nigeria is very much easy these days, you surely don’t have to walk into a banking hall to take loans. With the introduction of different loan apps in Nigeria, you can now sit at home and apply for loans and also pay them back without collateral.
Today’s article on Naijaknowhow covers some of the best loan apps in Nigeria, so if you are looking for the best apps to take a loan directly on your Android device, then this is the perfect article for you.
Applying for a loan is one of the relevant activities you’ll find with every business owner, worker or even student. And when financial issues surfaced around an individual with no hope of getting monies very fast, applying for a low-interest loan is the best way and also it is very swift to get.
Applying for a loan these days is now much easier in Nigeria, you no longer have to walk to a banking hall or submit documents with a guarantor behind you. It’s much easier with the introduction of different apps to apply for loans and all you need to do is submit your bank Infos. with them, wait for a review and once the review process is completed.
Then you can apply for loans from small amounts, your chances of getting a loan with higher amounts depend on how fast you pack back. You can read more about these best loan apps in Nigeria below.
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These apps are given a license to take your personal bank info and will not act under any circumstances unless you grant them access to do so. Every loan apps that will be listed here have different policies regarding how they give loan to individuals.
Best Loan Apps In Nigeria
Palmcredit is a virtual loan app that lets you apply for a loan after submitting all the needed info correctly. This app is arguably one of the best low-interest loan apps in Nigeria and it offers a mouthwatering interest to anyone that takes loans from them.
Prior to registration on palm credit, you have to make sure you have all the record details you used in opening your bank account with you, if all credentials are correct you will be approved instantly and will be able to take loans from N1000 to N100,000. Though in most cases your account history plays a key role in the certain loan amount you can apply for.

Branch is so far my favourite instant loan app in Nigeria and the reason is that it is very much easier to apply for a loan with them, and you don’t need to fill in all your personal bank info before you can get approved. Just your name and account number provided, you will be approved within minutes and the loan takes less than 30 mins to reflect in your account.
With Branch, you can apply for small loans from N1000 to N150,000 but the faster you repay your loan, the quicker you get to apply for higher loans. This is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria and they really make things easy for people.

Fairmoney, on the other hand, is another amazing loan app to watch out for, it’s one of the fastest ways to get cash in hand when one is financially unstable. Whether you are a student or a business owner, Fairmoney makes it easy and you can get yourself the extra cash you needed when you really need it.
Fairmoney gives you loans easily and offers a duration of 1-6 months to pay back, there are no special details needed when registering, just make sure you have what they need and you are good to go. Fairmoney has proved to be one of the best loan apps in Nigeria, you can always rely on them.

Quickcheck so far offers the fastest loan system in Nigeria, you can find yourself needing cash urgently in an unexpected situation, just install this app on your Android device and submit all the required info to them, you can also register using your social media account. If you need a loan app that offers both higher and small loans, then Quickcheck is the best for that position.
Quickcheck works with credit scores, so once you register with them, you are likely to be given large loan amounts like N30,000 to N200,000. Low credit scores might limit your chances of getting a high loan amount, but overall you can still get a tangible amount regardless of your credit score.

Carbon or normally known as Paylater is one of the easy-to-use loan apps in Nigeria, it comes with some addons as well and while you lend from them, you can also invest in their investment platform which lets you enjoy a 15% growth rate on any investment you make with Carbon. Also, you can get short-term loans with ease.
When we scout for the best loan apps in Nigeria, we found out that Carbon is more than just a loan app but also an investment platform, you can also pay for any bills you want to pay, all these can be done through the app. Never hesitate to install Carbon on your Android device when considering the best loan apps in Nigeria.
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Aella credit has proved to be one of the best loan apps across Africa and Nigeria, and its prime focus is to make sure every business owner or worker is able to get extra cash when they need it. Applying for a loan with Aella credit is easy as well and all you have to submit is your name and some IDs.
Aella credit can be your source of a financial breakthrough in Nigeria, they offer to help in the easiest way, therefore getting a loan from them will never be a problem. You can apply for a loan and get approved within minutes.

Asap loan finder is quite different from the set of apps listed above, you can’t loan from Asap loan finder but you can discover loan opportunities through it. This app brings you awareness of some of the best loan offers in Nigeria and also lets you apply for them with ease.
Asap loan finder can be very resourceful too, it will find all available loan offers in Nigeria, and you can always apply for any of the offers that suit you.
quickbucks - access bank loan app
QuickBucks is the Instant Loan Application from Access Bank. The app is available to both customers and non-customers of Access Bank. With QuickBucks, you can get loans such as payday loans, salary advance loans, small ticket personal loans, device financing loans, vehicle financing loans and mortgage loans.
Some of the key features of this app are its flexibility to sign in with your email address or phone number and password, fingerprint authentication for easier login, a holistic view of all eligible loan facilities and the ability to view nearby points of interest like supermarkets, bank branches and shop seamlessly without any collateral.
I’m sure after reading through this article, you will find one or two loan apps to give a try on. You don’t have to worry about disappointments anymore and anytime you need money urgently, just do the right thing by applying for a loan with any of these loan apps, and note that the earlier you pay, the more your chances of applying for higher amount increases, these are the best loan apps in Nigeria and they deliver at any time.
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