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NASA’s new moon rocket was set to launch this morning – but setbacks stopped the operation. A new poll reveals what voters want in 2024: to win. Keep reading to hear about Taylor Swift’s new album and Eminem and Snoop Dogg’s NFT-inspired performance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.
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Now let’s dive in. Here’s the news to know Monday, Daily Briefing style: 
🌅 But first, meet Clark, the 19-year-old bald eagle spotted traveling through airport security. A majestic bird moving alongside metal detectors isn’t an everyday sight – so photos and video footage took off on social media, with Clark capturing many hearts. Read more
Fuel leaks have forced NASA to scrub the launch of its new moon rocket on a no-crew test flight. The next launch attempt will not take place until Friday at the earliest. The 322-foot Space Launch System rocket was set to lift off Monday morning with three test dummies aboard on its first flight, a mission to propel a capsule into orbit around the moon. The shakedown flight, when it happens, will be a big step forward in America’s quest to put astronauts back on the moon for the first time since the end of the Apollo program 50 years ago. NASA hopes to send four astronauts around the moon in 2024 and land humans there as early as 2025. Read more .
One thing to know: The next launch attempt will not take place until Friday at the earliest.
🍩 One more thing: If you stop by Krispy Kreme today, maybe try their special filled, dipped donut celebrating Artemis 1.  
🎧 On today’s 5 Things podcastnational political reporter Mabinty Quarshie looks at ‘Defund the FBI’ slogans and their potential effect on this fall’s midterms. You can listen to the podcast every day on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or on your smart speaker.
It’s not just that Democratic and Republican voters disagree about who should be the next president. A new USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds they also have different visions of the crucial characteristics needed for the job. Democratic voters say they want most of all a unifier who will focus on bringing the country together and finding compromises, while Republican voters value first and foremost a fighter who will battle on behalf of “the freedom and dignity of all Americans.” Partisans on both sides do want this: a nominee who can win. Read more 
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International aid is reaching Pakistan, as the military and volunteers desperately tried to evacuate many thousands stranded by widespread flooding driven by “monster monsoons” that have claimed more than 1,000 lives this summer. Two cargo planes from Turkey and the United Arab Emirates landed near Islamabad on Sunday and more help arrived. Since mid-June, rains and floods have affected 33 million Pakistanis, damaged one million homes and killed at least 1,061 people. Read more
The fall of Afghanistan, the hasty retreat of U.S. and allied troops last August, and the Taliban’s resurgence changed the lives of Afghan women in unthinkable ways. A report last month by the human rights group Amnesty International catalogued the hardships inflicted upon women and girls under the Islamic militant regime. The organization interviewed more than 100 women and girls, as well as staff members of Taliban-run detention centers, international experts and journalists. The 98-page report’s description of their lives under Taliban rule: “Death in slow motion.” Read more 
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It was all fireworks at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey, where Taylor Swift celebrated her video of the year win for “All Too Well” by announcing her new album “Midnights.” Elsewhere during the ceremony, Eminem and Snoop Dogg teamed up for a NFT-inspired performance, while Video Vanguard Award honoree Nicki Minaj brought a stripper pole to the Prudential Center stage for a career-spanning medley of her greatest hits. Read more
One of the night’s many epic performances included Bad Bunny, who delivered a dynamic remote performance of “Tití Me Preguntó,” from his chart-dominating fifth album “Un Verano Sin Ti.”  The sunglass-clad reggaeton superstar had no trouble captivating the enormous stadium audience, making the VMAs feel like his own personal concert as he set Twitter ablaze by kissing male and female dancers. Bad Bunny took home the artist of the year award. Click here to see more viral photos from the VMAs 2022.
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