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Climb Online, the digital marketing agency founded by Apprentice winner, Mark Wright, is set to educate the masses through the creation of its very own digital advertising course, developed in partnership with one of the UK’s leading ed-tech companies, e-Careers Limited.
Available from autumn 2016, Climb Online’s new digital course, ‘Climb Academy Level 1: Introduction to digital marketing’, will teach businesses and developing marketers how to create and manage simple campaigns using Google’s advertising platform, together with the basics in SEO and social media management. 
Exclusively developed by e-Careers, the new accredited programme will combine a range of learning techniques to appeal to a wide audience, including video content delivered by Climb Online’s head of departments and Mark himself. 
Mark explained: “Here at Climb Online we strongly believe in the training, development, and on-going education of all team members. Through our new partnership with e-Careers we are able to extend this belief to businesses and developing marketers, offering an accessible, affordable and valuable digital marketing course through one of the UK’s top e-learning platforms.” 
As part of this new partnership Climb Online is also supporting e-Careers in the launch of its new education comparison marketplace – – through an innovative digital marketing strategy that will appeal directly to individuals searching for new education opportunities online. 
Mark continued: “ is an exciting, new project recently launched by e-Careers, which helps web users find and compare a vast range of affordable educational programmes and courses, across a number of industry sectors. I am delighted that Climb Online has been appointed to help lift the project off the ground – and already we are experiencing increasing web traffic as a result of our efforts.”
Managing Director of e-Careers Limited, Jazz Gandhum, commented: “e-Careers prides itself on being the most ambitious ed-tech company in the UK – delivering accessible and affordable education opportunities through technology, created by some of the most innovative e-learning content developers in the industry.”
“By working with Climb Online not only will we be increasing awareness of, but we will also be calling on their expertise to introduce a new and valuable digital marketing course to the e-Careers platform. I am very excited about our new partnership, and now look forward to working closely with the team to help others pursue their career goals through e-learning.”
Taken over by Jazz Gandhum in 2011, e-Careers has trained and educated nearly 325,000 people worldwide over the past five years alone – through the offering of over 700 courses, accredited and endorsed by a number of industry bodies and representatives. 
The edtech provider represents Climb Online’s 230th client, with the agency set to double its 1.7 million turnover by the close of 2016.
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