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After months of anticipation, it’s that time of the year when results of the board exams are finally out. For some, they bring celebration, for others a sense of dejection. As a society, we’ve created such tremendous pressure around these board exams that to all the young students out there, it really does feel like a do or die situation. For the school-going student, the pressure isn’t just about getting into the desired college, but it’s also about the burden of expectations they carry – from their families, their peers and from themselves. How then, can students ease the burden of these expectations, while also taking a positive attitude towards exams and results?
1) Celebrate every mark – Don’t take your effort for granted. Celebrate every mark you get because it’s something that you have worked for. Even as you strive to get better with every test, acknowledge the efforts you have put in as well.
2) No one result defines us – Success lies on a longitudinal axis. You may feel like the exams of a single exam or entrance test may set you up for life but that’s rarely the case. Exams are a part of our life – be it in the form of question papers, interviews, presentations or other life challenges. Every one of these ‘exams’ give us an opportunity to prove our mettle and take the next step in our path to success.
3) Use results as feedback – Results aren’t rewards or punishment. They are simply forms of feedback. Results tell us how well we prepared, what we’re good at and what we need to get better at. Use every feedback as an opportunity to learn and get better.
4) Highs and lows are a part of life – We all go through failures and successes in our life. Talk to the most successful people out there today, and they will regale you with the stories of not just their successes, but even their failures which have all culminated in them reaching where they have.
5) Don’t compare your journey – Each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses, our own context and our own vision. Don’t compare your results to that of others. Instead, reflect on your own efforts and define your way forward.
6) There is a lot more to life – While academics are an important aspect of life, don’t let results alone define your self-worth. There’s a lot more to each of us as a person than the marks we get. Stay connected with your interests, hobbies and values all through this result season.
7) Talk to someone – Remember that you are not alone. Even if you didn’t get the result that you wanted, it will not change the way that your loved ones care for you. Don’t isolate yourself. Instead, share your feelings with a family member, friend or teacher.
Board exams can be a challenging time for students and families alike. As a family member of a student, ensure that you are supportive. Talk about the importance of efforts over results, of building resilience and character, of enjoying the challenge of tests rather than the threat of results. Provide unconditional care and support. At the end of the time, no one result can be more important than the health and well-being of the child.
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