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The Culture Custodian (Est. 2014.)
The Culture Custodian (Est. 2014.)
It all started when a friend based in Canada was telling me how NFT games have become a hotcake and how his friends were making up to 300 dollars just for playing the games they love. The first question that came to my mind was, “How come many Nigerians don’t know about this?”
Nigeria has a very large online game market. According to Statista, the Nigerian social online game market was estimated at 41 million dollars in 2018 with a forecast for it to rise to 128 million dollars in 2023. This massive number is a result of the accessibility to mobile phones and social media in recent years. Also, Nigerians ability to adopt different coping mechanisms to ease the stress that comes with the countries economic and political instability, Adeniyi, a Nigerian full stack developer attested to this fact, He said: “Online games help me relaxed. It’s the number one thing I do when I’m stressed and want to relieve myself of some pressure. I just love the fact that I can connect with gamers around the world and also build connections with people in my field.”
The good news for gamers is that with NFT games, you can now earn digital currencies while playing your favorite games and connecting with gamers around the world.
In this accord, here are four NFT games that allow you to earn as you play.
Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity is probably the most popular NFT game at the time. I can recall a friend in Canada telling me how popular the game had become and how his friends were earning 200-300 dollars monthly off the game. My first question was how come Nigerians don’t know about this? I mean we do a lot of these things to ease ourselves from the stress that comes with living in the country so most definitely we should be able to earn money from them as well.
Here is the briefing on how the game is played. It’s a bit like Pokemon Go & Tomagochi because you’re the owner of the Axies (Characters of mini-monsters) which you breed and train to fight against other players. To start playing, you must own 3 Axies and what determines your battle order is the speed of your Axies which can be boosted with your cards. But here is the thing, you need to learn how to play in adventure mode before you start competing with other players in the arena. Axie Infinity uses ERC-20 Utility tokens for the player to player mode. The company’s idea is to introduce blockchain technology to players while playing the game.

Here you have the opportunity to learn about real estate in a decentralized virtual world. How better can it get? The game started in 2015 with the name Stone Age and a 2D proof of concept. However, in February 2020, there was an official relaunch to a completely decentralized, 3D virtual world where people can own or develop their land. The land can have anything from static objects to 3D scenes with interactive objects like buildings, art, games, and massive events. The token that fuels the Decentraland is called $MANA. In order to play, you’ll need a wallet (such as Metamask) fueled with ETH & Mana. Decentraland is available on Chrome and Firefox.

Spinterland is a blockchain-based NFT card game that runs on HIVE engine cryptocurrency. To start playing, you have to create an account on the Spinterland website and buy a starter pack for $10 dollars which will unlock a lot of features such as earning and buying energy crystals that would be used to trade cards. You begin the battle by choosing a roster for your cards and the rewards are based on how calculative you are during the game. Apart from earning by playing the game, you can invest in the $DEC tokens (Dark Energy Crystals) which costs $0.007 and is still a relatively new cryptocurrency with a market value of about 7 million dollars.

Gods Unchained
This is a card game where you fight against other players and try to bring the opponent’s life points to zero with the strength of the cards you own, strategy, and other tricks. The cards are bought or won by winning against other players. For each victory, you get experience points, which allow you to progress in the form of moving to the next level or rank. Each card is backed up with an ERC721 token. Therefore, you can trade it on the native marketplace as well as on the 3rd party marketplace.

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