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Are you thinking about how to make money as a student? See 25 ways you can make money both online and offline.
Trust me, you won’t really have to pester your parents for pocket money every now and then. Just take the bull by the horn and start engaging yourself in money making activities.
Here are 20 business ideas you can run on campus.
In this digital age, if you can write, you can make money.
Your writing skill can help you make some money as a student. Freelancing and blogging are associated with writing and with your writing gift, you can conveniently make money by writing for online platforms and get paid for your contents.
You have no creative skill to make stuff but you are good at selling anything? You should really think about buying and selling.
Whenever you get your monthly allowance, save some to get few things you can sell to friends and students on campus. You can sell clothes, shoes and pieces of jewellery.
If you are a graphic designer and you enjoy what you do, you can make money by doing online design work for websites and businesses.
If you have a gift for video and you’re not camera shy, becoming a video blogger will earn you some extra cash. You can get money based on the advertisements displayed on your videos. And guess what, the more people watch your videos, the more you get paid.
Another fantastic way to make money on campus is by designing T-shirts and sell them online. If you have great T-shirts, your schoolmates won’t hesitate to patronise you.
If you are very fast at typing and listening to audio files and typing them out, transcription work will earn you some cash. You can transcribe for journalists and Podcasters who want to transcribe their interviews or episodes into text.
Do you have some programming talents? Creating apps should earn you lots of money as a student.
Yes, if you speak more than one languages, you can also make money by being a translator. For instance, you make some cash by helping a platform translates their content from English local languages.
What about being a voice-over artist and making some cool cash from it? All you need is to have a great voice and a simple microphone set up at home.
The service people who understand how Searching Engine Optimization works is usually needed by every content publishing platform. You can be one of those guys that are making money from this digital knowledge.
Your participation in market research can also earn you some cash. Students are mostly needed for this as they form the largest demographic target of most business establishments. Companies usually invite students to seek their opinions about their products in other to strategise on their businesses. All that is needed is your knowledge and opinions about the company’s product.
So many students have business ideas but can’t execute it. If you have a fantastic idea for a product or brand, package it and sell it to the company. Trust me, the form will buy it if the idea will help their business.
Are you a fine artist? Do you create paintings, drawings, computer animations and other beautiful artworks? It’s high time you stopped decorating the bin or littering your hostel with those beautiful work. Sell them. Go online, open an Instagram account and display your work, buyers would definitely come in no time.
Catering firms are usually looking for extra helps to support them do the odd parts of their business. This works well for undergraduates who are just looking to earn an extra money.
If you are good at repairing computers, don’t do it for the fun of it. Help people repair their desktops or laptops and make some Naira from the skill.
If you are the serious-minded student, always punctual to class and you know your academic onions well. You can take advantage of your academic skills.
You can be a home lesson teacher for primary or secondary school students or you can organize general or individual tutorials for students in lower levels or the ones in your level, and get cash in return.
This is another seamless way to make extra money on campus. If you have what it takes to be a model, sign up with an agency, and start getting you money monthly or per shoot depending on the agreement you entered with the firm.
If you’re good at doing nails, you could take care of nails and makeup for your friends for special occasions, Make your Instagram account your display gallery, it won’t take long before you start making money from it.
If you live in a campus hostel or you live in an apartment off campus, you could start a laundry service for all your campus friends and even neighbours.
If you have a thing for interior design as a student, becoming a decorator can be a great way to make a little extra money in college.
Photography is a big business any serious student photographer can make money from. You can make cash covering birthdays and taking pictures of campus models since a lot of students are now going into modelling.
The world is tilting more towards video consumption. Instagram artists for instance need the services of video editors to survive.
As a student video editor, you can make a lot of cash from video editing and buy your editing gadgets from the money you make on campus.
With your laptop and internet access, you can make cash from online registration. You can assist fellow students with course registration, Scholarship applications, School fees payment and charge them for the service.
If you are one of the popular guys or girls on campus and very sociable. You can organize shows, events and parties for the university community with the permission of the university authority.
If you have a talent probably you can host events or you can sing or model, you can start hosting shows and events, singing at campus shows, modelling for campus brands.
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